Content Marketing

Respond to the way business buyer now buy with high-quality strategic content designed to attract prospects, position your brand, and deliver leads to your sales team.


Create compelling content. Build business.

Create the range of content required to build brand authority, extend reach, and attract, educate, convert and nurture prospects through the buying journey into the arms of your sales team. It's the fuel to drive your contemporary sales and marketing efforts, and a key to ensuring you grow, more efficiently.



Content marketing specifically refers to the planning, production and promotion of content to help your brand gain the attention of key stakeholders, prospects and customers, and hold it as you engage and nurture them through to sales and beyond. Our services comprise: 

  • Content Audit
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • Content Campaigns



A well-executed Content Audit identifies the gaps and opportunities that you can resolve in the planning process to come. The unique approach using our Content-as-a-Science (CaaS) methodology is a great way to boot up or reboot your content program whether you've been doing it for years 0r just started. It's always a great time to stop in and check to make sure your content is relevant to your stakeholders, prospects and customers right across their Relationship Journey with your company.




Our planning process will focus on the content that helps your addressable personas (people important to your business) find you and get inspired to engage with your business - no matter where they are in their own buying journey or relationship with your company. What shape and form this content takes depends on what is trying to be achieved. 




Our team of content producers will align your brand to specific single-minded content to achieve the maximum results and support your business needs including site optimisation, lead generations, traffic, conversion optimisation, and sales enablement. These content types include:

  • ebooks, guides, white papers
  • optimised campaign landing pages
  • mobile applications
  • interactive tools (calculators etc)
  • blogging program
  • email marketing
  • video marketing (new blog to video program)
  • case studies
  • microsites
  • social platforms



Creating a piece of great content is only the beginning – making sure it reaches as many people as possible require amplification. This takes many forms using email, social media, advertising, PR and more. 




Branded content educates business buyers and influencers about issues, challenges and opportunities they might consider important to their own roles and businesses. Content campaigns are specific initiatives designed to achieve specific outcomes from a targeted addressable market. It might target these people prior to the buying journey, in awarenesses, consideration or even decision stage - such as Account-Based Marketing). 


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Talk to us whether you've been doing content marketing for years or just wanting to get started. We start with our unique Audit Process that takes account of content and engagement journey and relationship - to identify what you have, what you could use, and what needs to be created. You can then decide from there what we do.

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Empower your sales team.

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  • How much will Content Marketing cost?

    Content Marketing is difficult to cost without a specific brief. However we can say that Content Audits cost about $5K depending on their scale, Content Strategies are typically $10-15K depending on scale and workshops required, and Content Creation depends entirely on the type. Call us as we can talk through specific cost estimates for you.


  • How do you work with our internal team?
    We typically work with small marketing teams of one to five people, where at least one person owns the marketing relationship with Alex Inbound Marketing. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, ready to work with you and support you in any way we can to meet your goal of growth, more efficiently.
  • How is Alex different from other HubSpot agencies?

    Critically, we understand the challenges your sales and marketing people are dealing with every day. Why? Because we've been there. We're the real deal bringing real-life marketing and sales experience to add high value to your team and bottom-line outcomes.

    Our CEO has owned revenue targets in the hundreds of millions and managed large comms team up to 22 people and $12M integrated marketing budgets in matrix corporates (as well as small ones where resources are scarce).

    Many HubSpot agencies comprise people who have no idea what you're about. They've learnt the theory from HubSpot and will apply it whatever your context. You could do the certifications and do it yourself. We'll bring all that too - plus highly valued advice and recommendations as we go in everything we do.

    Next, unlike other agencies who assign you an account manager, with Alex, you'll work with your strategist and their team. Ther are no middlemen (people). Law firms don't have account managers. Accounting firms don't have account managers. So why do marketing agencies? It's an old fashioned idea. Our approach ensures they own your growth goals, while nothing gets lost in transaltion, improving your efficiency goals (and just easier for you get things done brilliantly).

    Third, we work according to a genuine client-centred approach meaning we want the business you represent to achieve its growth and efficiency goals, and you as a person to achieve your career aspirations too. We'll go beyond the basics in our retainers and project work to make sure we help you be the best you - and your company get maximum return from its investment. We really do.

    No long-term commitments. While most HubSpot agencies want to lock clients in for at least 12 months, we create 90 days sprints that work hard to continually prove our worth and have our clients happily renewing and repeating because we never take our foot off the gas.

    Finally, we're friendly and approachable and work in a very collaborative manner. That's an intangible that you can judge once you're working with us. However, I can confirm, it's just the way we are - because life is short and should be productive - but fun too.

  • How do you evaluate success and make Alex accountable?

    We start by being sure about your goals. While our reason for being is to help our client grow, more efficiently, it's true that subtle difference in defining success can exist at different clients.

    That's why our process includes our joint initial Game Plan Strategy Workshop and then checks in every month to review the deliverables we signed on to deliver, track all primary key performance indicators, and re-set short (month), mid (90-day) and long-term (12-month) goals and priorities with their associated benchmarks.

    Our reporting process at the end of each month, quarter and annually focuses on whether these actions and KPIs are being met, and that we pivot as required to ensure we do everything we can to do so. We buy into your goals. We own them with you.