Marketing Management Personnel

Put an experienced marketing professional on your senior management team to fill a temporary leave gap or create a new role without the risk of full-time engagement. 


Looking for an experienced marketing director to fill the role on your team for either a part-time or leave based period?


We're here to help B2B businesses improve the way they grow their brand, pipeline and sales efficiency. One way we do that is to provide marketing director level services in the form that best suits your requirements.

It's the perfect way to fill a gap should your marketing director be on leave, if you are looking for your next marketing director, or you are creating the role for the first time and prefer not to commit to a full time person up front.

Engaging our personnel to act as your marketing director provides expertise and experience from day one as they hit the ground running with excellent experience, nil placement fee and ultimately low risk.

Areas of Expertise

You may want to focus on strategy, brand development, lead generation, product launches, sales pipeline management, or maybe an entire digital transformation of your marketing and sales processes. It's up to you. Or it working out the strategy for what to do next could be the first requirement of the role. Whatever the situation, we have the people who can fill the role for you and deliver against your marketing goals brilliantly - and immediately. 

Marketing Director Role

PJ-Profile-Image copy-1Should you require a senior Marketing Director role reporting to the CEO quickly, then you may want to consider the option of having our very own founder, Paul Jones, take that role perhaps 1-2 days per week while you are in transition. That's 30 years of B2B sales and marketing experience arriving on your team ready to go.
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Business Benefits

Our Marketing Management Personnel service provides the following business benefits to a B2B based business: 

  • provides excellent experience and expertise to your team immediately
  • reduces risk associated with hiring a senior marketing professional
  • may reduce the cost of marketing and customer acquisition with a fresh approach
  • flexible in terms of how many days and the duration required
  • sales focused to ensure a strong effort towards ROI and efficient growth
  • easily fill a gap for a marketing director on leave
  • fill the gap if you are between people for the role
  • kick off a marketing director role at reduced risk. 

How We Can Collaborate

This service is based on your requirements whether that be 1 day per week or more. We'll also be sure to provide a person that fits your company culture. Your Marketing Director from Alex will integrate with our creative and production team to ensure fast turnaround on projects - and reduced costs when compared to sourcing similar services from other standard agencies. 


Case Studies

Paul Jones, our CEO, has provided Marketing Director level strategic/planning and operational/hand-ons services directly to many blue-chip brands that either did not have the skills in-house - or were seeking a fresh perspective that Paul is able to bring to a B2B brand with a complex account-based sales environment. 

His experience delivers it to a B2B business as it crosses: 

  • planning and creative/production
  • product management and communications
  • client side and agency
  • traditional and digital
  • sales and marketing 
  • business management and budget controls.

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