Facebook Advertising

Attract business customers when they have the time and inclination to consider your offer of business improvement.  


Facebook advertising is a great way to build relationships with B2B decision makers while they have reflective time on their hands.

Business is based on relationships - and Facebook helps you build them in an extremely efficient way. 

Generating new leads is a critical component of what we do for our B2B business clients to help them grow, more efficiently. This often takes the form of promoting great downloadable content, offers, interactive tools, apps and other educational content across a range of communication channels.

Well, believe it or not, there's quickly becoming no better place to do this more efficiently than Facebook. Of course most B2B business marketers go straight to LinkedIn to target business people. And that's OK.

However, Facebook is a great way to target those very same people when they're potentially got more time on their hands and even in a more reflective mood to consider ways they can improve their own professional skills and business outcomes. Gotcha.


Areas of Expertise

We'll typically build a Facebook campaign component now into any lead generating content campaign for its volume, targeting and sheer ability to attract and engage a business person to the landing page. If you already have the content or offer you want to promote, then we will can provide the following Facebook Advertising services:

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is an important first step in getting personal with people on one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It allows your business to develop your brand and build an audience to start conversations with prospects and customers that can lead to qualified relationships and sales opportunities.

Facebook Advertising Strategy

You may have someone in-house who would like to implement your Facebook advertising program over time. If that's the case, then you can engage us to develop your Facebook Advertising Strategy to ensure you aim properly at the right buyer personas with the right ad types and messages. This key planning step is critical to success when measured against leads, engagement and return on investment outcomes.

Facebook Creative

Our team can provide the creative you may need to deliver a professional Facebook campaign and get the most from the channel. This can include content marketing services, as well as photography, video or copywriting to set the elements of the ads up so they can look great - attract attention and engagement - and leave a memorable and positive brand impression.


Complete Facebook Advertising Management

In this case you get on with business and leave the Facebook Advertising to us. We'll create your plan and then deliver including all creative and management of the assets on your business Facebook platform. All campaigns and ads will be measured and reported for effectiveness to achieve the initial business outcomes that we will agree prior to commencement. Our aim here is typically generate real click-throughs to your landing pages for download of content and movement into the sales pipeline process - not just to get likes.


Business Benefits

Our Facebook Advertising services provide the following business benefits to a B2B based business: 

  • excellent reach for your brand and content offers
  • reduced risk as you pay per click and only as you go
  • excellent testing capability to get the best bang per buck
  • experience integrating your Facebook presence with your other marketing and communication activities for a seamless customer experience and better ROI
  • highly targeted campaigns to reach the right people wit the right message and offer at the right time
  • professional presence on the world's largest social platform.

How We Can Collaborate

You can choose what level of Facebook Advertising service you would like to engage us for based on your business needs, aspirations and internal resources and skills.

service is based on your requirements whether that be 1 day per week or more. We'll also be sure to provide a person that fits your company culture. Your Marketing Director from Alex will integrate with our creative and production team to ensure fast turnaround on projects - and reduced costs when compared to sourcing similar services from other standard agencies.


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