Targeted mail with an online content offer gets the conversation started early with buyers. Box seat anyone? 

You've created a full range of content designed to be found when prospects go looking online. Perfect. Except they're finding competitor material too. Consider leveraging your early-stage (disruptive) content and mailing it directly as an offer to prospects you consider best-fit profiles. They then loop back to your website, download it, and you commence your nurture. Not a competitor in sight. It complements an inbound website and content perfectly. 

Google uses mail

Despite ZMOT, Google still uses direct mail alot. That's because direct mail is great for targeting your specific buyer persona and a specific geo-location.You can only be targeted to a certain degree with a content marketing strategy.

People who may or may not be your personas will find your content. With direct mail, you can rent lists that zero in on your personas in laser-like fashion. It also allows you to reach target prospects that are difficult to target online - or that you don't have permission to target with email.



Get in early

Now you have an inbound strategy and platform in place, you can leverage direct mail (or advertising) like never before. Target them offline with a content offer that moves them online to retrieve (for the cost of an email of course).

Then use your lead nurturing strategy to complement the sales team in moving the prospect from no awareness of you at all, through to engagement to create sales opportunities for your organisation.



Integrate with online

Direct mail is also a great way to boost or run a campaign that coincides with your overall inbound marketing strategy. Let's say you're promoting a new solution or local event on your website and to your email list. Why not send a series of postcards or simple business letters to your target audience that directs them to the registration page or a place they can get more information on your website? 


How We Help

From concept through development, creative and production, we will mange your direct mail campaigns with an "inbound" mind-set to direct prospects back to the website, convert them to prospects, and nurture them through to the sales team as a qualified lead. Direct campaigns are an active front end to your inbound strategy as they are responsive, targeted and highly measurable - just like every good inbound campaign should be too. 

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