Copywriting Services

Your business may sell to business, but your writing needs to attract and engage the actual humans inside them. That's what we do so well. 


Great B2B copywriting makes a massive difference as to how your brand is perceived - and whether your content is engaged.

They say to write B2B content as if writing to a 12-year-old - and they're not far from wrong.

It's a crowded and competitive world out there. Every one of your competitors and others are vying for the attention of your prospects - so you need to ensure your creative ideas and copywriting cuts through by being relevant, sharp (with a little spice), human, and authentic.

You may sell to companies - but it's the people inside those businesses that actually make the buying decisions and sign the purchase orders. SO above all - write to these people.

We will write to their world - their context - using the right tone, personality and messaging that appeals across channels and stage of the buying journey from initial disruption through to education, consideration and decision.


Areas of Expertise

We've written over 5,000 pieces of sales and marketing material so we know how to help you get the most from your investments.

This experience means we've written for all types of businesses, in all types of complex industry sectors (especially technology and professional services) and targeting all types of personas and business roles (business, technical, operations, governance, and other stakeholders).

Our key strength is that we work through our process to ensure we have the right messaging for the right persona in the right context at the right time for the right stage of the buying journey - and taking into account their existing relationship with your company - something most content producers don't do. 


Buyer Personas / Messaging Matrix

We use a Buyer Persona tool to ensure we profile and agree on your target insights. We then go one further and utilise our own Messaging Matrix that takes these persona's and aligns them across the buying journey and relationship with your brand to refine the messaging that will resonate with these buyers. It's worth the effort - because it makes a dramatic difference to your outcomes and marketing ROI.

Ask us about our Content as a Science Messaging Matrix Workshop.

Creative Strategy

Looking for a creative platform from which to launch your content or campaigns? This may be for a website, direct lead generation campaign, advertising program (online and offline), or sales enablement program. We can help you create concepts for consideration and develop them into a visual and written content that will make an impact that suits your message and your brand personality - while still cutting through the clutter that is the day to day business for most of your persona targets. 


Perhaps you're looking for a fresh approach to the copy in your email marketing, brochures, solution guides, white papers, website content, landing pages, direct mail and online/offline advertising. We're able to help having written over 5,000 pieces of materials across all types of channels and sectors for a wide range of technical, operational and business personas. Our style is human, one that reflects your brand personality and we work to get it right the first time so you don't have to go around and around too many review cycles.

Business Benefits

Our Copywriting Services provide the following business benefits to a B2B based business:

  • start at the top and get your persona and messaging strategy right up front
  • excellent experience to craft copy content for all types of persona and sectors
  • a fresh perspective on your messaging and personality
  • maintain capacity and output without hiring a full-time writer or a large agency
  • reduced management cycles as we get it quite right the first time
  • greater efficiency by having your content written for all types of materials and channels
  • ensure consistency in tone and personality.

How We Can Collaborate

You can choose the level and type of content strategy and writing you wish to engage. It's possible to have us work on a per project basis or take up our managed service that provides for a certain amount of copy per month based on a retainer fee that is negotiated to provide us with some certainty of work and you with reduced rates. This is a great option if you want us to guarantee turnaround times and capacity. 

Simply call or complete the form us to brief us. We can respond quickly and will work to ensure you are delighted by both our process and the resulting content.

This is a great solution for when your own team is too busy to get the work completed - or you're looking for a fresh perspective.


Case Studies

Please ask us about any type of copywriting you would like to see and we will provide a range of work samples for your review. These include:

  • eBooks / Solution Guides
  • Sales Collateral / Brochures
  • Optimised Web Content
  • Direct Email and Mail
  • Advertising (online and traditional)
  • Video Scripts

We can also put you in touch with clients who have used this service to great effect - both as an individual service and of course as part of the larger website, content and lead generation campaigns. 

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