We deploy the inbound website, content and campaigns that will help you generate more leads online and fill your sales funnel. 

We know the sales funnel

You need a structured approach to the way you engage prospects before and throughout the funnel. We have the methodologies, creative, production, experience, and technology to make this happen for you.

We'll help you go to the next generation in lead generation; create a lead-focused website, full-funnel inbound marketing system, one sales and marketing database, compelling content to attract the right buyers, and then the campaigns to drive them in for nurture through to sales - right across the funnel phases and all before the competition gets a look in.

Easy to say. Hard to do. Worth it for the business outcomes. You can virtually DIY, or outsource to our managed services, or utilise a blend of the two (which is highly recommended). 


A closed-loop approach

We've been creating closed-loop direct-response content and campaigns for years. The difference now is that we have the benefit of an outstanding technology platform upon which to drive it all - HubSpot. 

All the same, the concept has not changed:

  • Create compelling content and a landing page for prospects to retrieve that content for the cost of an email address
  • Make that content available via blog, email, social and search, as well as direct mail to those identified acounts and targets you perceive as your best prospects
  • Watch them arrive back at the landing page to download the content and thus convert themselves into a top-of-funnel (TOF) prospect that can be digitally nurtured until they show signs of seeking a person-to-person (P2P) contact.

It's the classic approach you can take across the business, or in steps product by product, sector by sector, service by service - to generate leads online and help your sales team use their time to close business, rather than chase it.


Multi-channel agency

We've always believed in and worked hard to deliver the integrated approach for its efficiency, improved customer experience, and better business outcomes. Now with an ever growing number of channels to reach people, nothing has changed. If anything, we believe in it more. 

A fragmented approach to your marketing and lead generation will lead to a fragmented deployment, and typically reduced effectiveness. That's why we're capable of creating, producing and managing integrated content and campaigns that all loop back to your all-in-one inbound website for multi-channel nurturing through the sales pipeline to your sales team. 

Our marketing clients can allocate projects to Alex and know they will be handled professionally, and delivered across the channels that best reach the target prospect segment - and help build the brand in an appropriate manner.


Alex is a Gold-Certified HubSpot Agency

We are very proud to be recognised as a Gold-Certified Agency Partner by HubSpot, one of the world's leading sales and marketing technology providers and a significant disruption player in the industry.

Our years of producing direct and digital content and campaigns for some of the largest ICT and professional service brands in Australia is now enhanced by the very latest technology and techniques that we derive from HubSpot.

Our clients can look forward to knowing they benefit from access to the very latest approaches and implementation as they seek to grow their businesses more efficiently and predictably. As one of the leading Certified Hubspot Partners in Australia, we're dedicated to ensuring your marketing success.

We'll help you plan your approach and resources, build out your inbound marketing foundation, produce the right content for the right buyers and each stage of the buying journey, and then promote that content to close the loop and generate more of the right leads online. 


Our Experience


We work with companies like yours that have invested in their website but are disappointed in the results they’ve seen. We take an inbound approach that drives more traffic, converts more leads, and closes more sales. We’re different because we work specifically with businesses that have an account-based sales channel and typically complex solution such as all B2B businesses in the technology and professional services sectors as we are experts in your audience's needs, values, and motivations.


Alex is an offshoot from Tolemy Communications - one of the first fully integrated multi-channel agencies in Australia. As Alex, we continue to have the strategy, creative and production to help you deliver better results from your multi-channel marketing initiatives. It's the perfect balance of experience with the most contemporary approach and technology that will take you where you want to be.



Marketing Tech

We've been on the cutting edge of marketing techniques and technologies since the early days of hosted apps and Dreamweaver. We've seen it all. Now, we see HubSpot as a nirvana compared to the old days of integrating multiple platforms together, or even the singular options today that only deliver automation, or email, or CRM.

Our Culture

We believe that we can all learn from each other. We want you to trust and value our feedback, and we want to learn from your experiences and history in your industry. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our services can be employed to help you do better.


Work with our clients to do the best work we can for ourselves in our career, and the company for whom our clients represent.


Always continue to adapt and remain agile to ensure we remain relevent, valued, and productive.


Remain honest in terms of advice, perspective and within the information we provide our clients, and our clients' clients.


Marketing demands both a right and left brain approach in everything we do. This is a profession demanding art, science and business.


Alex arrived as an inbound marketing agency in 2014. We emerged out of Tolemy Communications, an integrated marketing agency that had its roots in digital + direct ever since 1998. The mission for Alex was to partner with HubSpot, the world's most full-featured sales and marketing platform, to help businesses improve the way they responded to the new buyer journey by establishing a solid inbound platform to generate more leads online - using content, search, social, email and traditional outbound campaigns that can now be fully closed for ROI. In a short two years, Alex is on the verge of achieving Gold-certification from HubSpot and becoming a Top 10 partner in the ANZ region.



We're a full-service inbound marketing agency ready to work within your marketing ecosystem - no matter how big or small. Our team of developers, designers and inbound marketing consultants will help you build out your plan, inbound platform, and then develop the content and campaigns that can help you generate more leads throughout the sales pipeline. 

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