We deploy HubSpot because it's the world's leading full-funnel integrated sales and marketing platform. Simple.

HubSpot is built for marketers promoting complex solutions with long sales cycles. It helps you attract and nurture genuine digital relationships until a prospect is ready for person-to-person (P2P) contact. And it's all-in-one. No more plug-ins and stacks. Everything in one place. Content management, email, blog, social, forms, personalisation, segmentation, analytics, automation, and even a CRM designed for busy salespeople. Consider HubSpot if you're serious about generating more leads online. 


Marketing Software 

The marketing technology landscape has exploded so fast that it's easy for marketers to become distracted by the next new piece to be released.

Smart marketers need to focus on choosing a single stable marketing platform that connects seamlessly to your sales activity, and provides a full-funnel approach to generating more qualified leads online (and offline). That's why we've partnered with HubSpot.


You Choose

Scott Brinker at released an infographic listing about 100 companies focused on marketing technology in 2010. In January 2015, the same infographic comprised 1876 vendors.

Thing is, professional marketers need to put a stake in the ground at some point and choose the platform upon which they will go forward to then develop content and campaigns. We've tied our wagon to HubSpot for the following five key reasons:

  1. Solid inbound platform that takes prospects from search to sale (full-funnel)
  2. Fully integrated feature set across all inbound channels including website, blog, email, social, automation, lead management, and CRM plus more
  3. Technically solid, fast and extremely secure for corporate governance
  4. Beautiful to use so your entire team including sales are easily engaged
  5. Capable of managing your entire multi-channel strategy (quite powerful). 

You'll take your organisation to the next level in marketing and sales funnel management with HubSpot - and the experience of Alex as a multi-channel agency and HubSpot Gold Partner on your side. 


No More Holding Back


If your team was early into the game, then you're probably struggling with a complex array of software stacks. Something for your website content management, something else for your email and then something more for your social and blogging. You know the story. 

This can also happen when marketers with budget restrictions cobble together "free" software that becomes anything but efficient to use. The outcome is typically poor cohesion, and significant wasted time behind the scenes. There's also the opportunity cost as leads go wasted, and improvement becomes hard to track. 

Stop those subscriptions and move your organisation onto the one integrated platform to drive your online lead generation and sales funnel. If you have a few specific tools you love or are not covered by HubSpot, then check out the official integrations that are possible for customer service, accounting applications and a whole lot more. 


Marketing Tech

You want to make sure your next step in the marketing technology arena is a good one as the commitment to plan, deploy, train and use is not insignificant.

So make sure you consider financial viability, user base, ease-of-use, development pipeline, and commitment to making the best marketing software in the world. You'll also want to consider your own existing situation, your business goals, and the resources you either have now or are willing to invest in to make the system go. 

Software is software. It needs a wide range of marketing skills, time and energy to feed the machine and make it work if you are to see a return from it all. Do not subscribe to the software without a proper plan in place for your organisation

We've been on the cutting edge of marketing techniques and technologies since the early days of hosted apps and Dreamweaver. We've seen it all. We see HubSpot alone, or WordPress with HubSpot, as the way to go for any business serious about generating more leads down the sales pipeline online - and wanting to avoid the over-blown complexities of some other options on the market.


How We Help

Alex can help you assess your current situation and business goals to develop a plan of attack to move your organisation forward in terms of how it generate leads and nurtures them through the sales pipeline. We can assess whether you have the resources to make an inbound marketing strategy work, whether you would need to outsource content and campaign creation, as well as model the entire program financially to ensure budgets and ROI goals are in place. Our team can help you connect the sales and marleting organisations on this journey too - and help you decide whether you have the committment to make the transformation required. The benefits are significant if you can. 

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