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When time is against you

Plans are great, but sometimes you just need a tactical program delivered in response to the market, sales or simply to jump-start momentum. We have written processes in place to respond consistently on time and budget.

Content Offer Campaign

This tactical project works through the steps to launch a direct campaign with content as the offer. Alex will ensure we create the piece, produce all mailing activity, build out the online conversion process and promote the content offer using search and social to help generate qualified visitors and leads.

Contact Re-engagement

The leads who have shown interest but are not yet ready to buy are so often left on the shelve and ignored. This tactical project will identify the dormant or ignored contacts in your database and create a compelling offer and branched automation program to attract them back into your nurture program.

New Product Launch

We all know these can surprisingly appear from nowhere, or need to be brought forward in the local market. Alex can help you deliver by developing the immediate strategy, produce an integrated campaign, sales material and generate awareness to drive website traffic and conversion into the nurture program. 

Social Publishing Program

Social media is a critical way to distribute all that great content you have been producing, as well as building a brand profile and reach beyond anything you might be able to do in the real world. Alex will help you develop a social media publishing strategy that will help you make of the most of this important channel. 

Campaign Microsite

You may be running an advertising or direct mail campaign and need a landing page or microsite to which recipients are pointed for content or other offer. This is a must to ensure you engage and convert interested prospects so they can move into your lead nurture program. Alex can deliver quickly with full reporting.

Sales Support Materials

It's not easy for your sales team to get in front of prospects. We know buyers prefer to do their own thing until they are along way down the journey. So give your sales teams collateral to discuss and share on the telephone and in social networks. It improves their brand and that of your organisation. 

Upsell / Xsell Campaign

It costs 10x less to sell to an existing client and yet with all the attention on new client acquisition, many marketers forget the opportunity to upsell or x-sell is right there. Alex can help you use the data you already have collected to start targeting personalised email offers through a considered nurturing program. 

Trade Show Campaign

Do you have a trade show or special event coming up? Alex can help you make the most of it by using inbound marketing. We can help you build out an editorial calendar, monitor and respond to social media for the event, promote your location, and generate leads from right there on the stand during the event.

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